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Austin Lake Chiropractic
Austin Lake Chiropractic

Amanda Bajo

Unwind in a quiet, safe place, filled with self discovery through healing touch. Receiving a massage from a seasoned professional with over 24 years in the business, guarantees you a personalized experience tailored to your needs Amanda will help reunite you with yourself through body awareness, acquaint you with your breath and cultivate stillness of your mind. Giving you the gift of deep relaxation, healing and balance.

Amanda offers you everything from a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation massage, along with other specialized modalities. Such as: Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Somato Emotional Release and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique. Amanda specializes in pain management and precision massage.

Amanda loves spending quality time with her two kids, friends and family. She cherishes quiet time in nature hiking in the woods, searching for medicinal herbs in the wild, going to the beach, cooking, traveling and gardening. In Addition, she enjoys meditation, yoga, weight training, comedy, music concerts and walking her dog.

Conveniently located with Austin Lake Chiropractic. Call (269) 760-9267 for an appointment. Check out her website at Amanda-bajo-licenced-massage-therapist.massagetherapy.com.

What you will find on her website: Printable forms you may need such as health history, physician referral and feedback forms. Answers to several questions about massage. Benefits of massage and what to expect during your first massage. Most exciting would be your access to Bodysense, a magazine that give you valuable information on massage, self care articles and stretching you can add to your self care regimen. Plus helpful videos to watch, all free to you! Check it out today!

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