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Somato Emotional Release

Somato Emotional Release is the expression of emotion that, for reasons deemed appropriate by some part of the patient's unconscious, has been retained, suppressed and isolated within the soma or somatic psyche. In other words, if we have an emotional trauma, such as anger or fear, or maybe a bad memory we suppress, it can get stored in our bodies as an energy cyst. This means our bodies have muscle memory. Just like any other kind of trauma to the body this can create pain and restrictions that need to be released.

A Somato Emotional Release can happen during any type of bodywork, but most times it can be a natural process during Craniosacral Therapy or Myofascial Release Therapy. To achieve this level of healing, the patient has to trust the therapist and the therapist has to create a safe non-judgmental environment for the patient. Our goal as your therapist is to follow the lead of your body's natural ability to heal itself. The body can go into what we call an unwinding. When this happens, our job is to facilitate and support your body in such a way that gravity is neutralized. The body's Craniosacral rhythm is monitored and indicates when the body is in a significant position to release the emotion or the energy cyst. As your therapist, we are trained to dialogue with you to assist you in releasing the emotional trauma. This therapy is a more advanced version of Craniosacral therapy.

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