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Myofascial Release Therapy

This type of bodywork focuses on the fascial system. The fascia is the tissue that surrounds and connects the muscles, bones, and organs of the body even extending to the cellular level. The main function of the fascia is that it is the body's shock absorber. If the fascia is healthy it acts as a cushion. It has the ability to change from a solid to a gel-like consistency. The fascia is made up of collagen, elastin and polysaccharide gel complex. Fascia is very important to our bodies because it protects our organs, and adapts to movements and changes in the body as long as the force isn't too great. In cases of trauma where there has been high force applied to the body such as a fall, a car accident, or whiplash, the fascia becomes restricted causing pain not only in the area of impact but also can result in pain in other areas of the body. If the force is too great, then the fascia is unable to disperse the impact properly, thus isolated areas become overstressed.

Since the fascia is interconnected and too much force can cause the fascia to become glued or sticking, this in turn affects the whole body. To be effective at releasing the fascia, we as therapists have to work with your body as a whole. Even if you have come in for something very specific, Myofascial Release can be applied very superficially and can gradually become very deep such as soft tissue mobilization. This type of work is very powerful because we as therapists tune into your bodies natural healing abilities. The body knows how to heal; we just listen and follow the bodies lead. This takes patience and skill. Many times the body has to go back into the position of impact in order to heal, and we as your therapists will guide and support you in your healing process. Benefits of Myofascial Release are as follows:

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