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The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

This type of massage is a great way to relieve mental stress, muscle tension, muscle soreness and will greatly improve circulation. It is applied by using light gliding strokes with range of superficial, then gradually becoming very deep. This is probably the most widely used type of massage. It usually consists of 5 strokes. The first being an oil up stroke which is a gentle gliding stroke in the direction of the heart. The second stroke is a kneading stroke and this stroke helps to free up toxins from the muscle tissue and improves circulation. The third stroke is usually deeper and applied more slowly then the beginning strokes. It usually consists of using rubbing, trigger point therapy, or very precise techniques on areas of the body that have painful tension. The fourth stroke is a light brushing off stroke that we use when finishing a body part. The final stroke is a gentle rocking and is applied to the whole body and is a relaxing end to your massage. This massage can also fall under deep tissue depending on how it is applied.

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