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Sacroiliitis is defined as pain and irritation to the right or left Sacroiliac joint. This pain can be so severe as to radiate down the right or left leg, but it can also be localized to the right or left lower back.

There can be several causes of sacroiliitis, but a few common ones are sitting for long periods of time, and walking around the house with a child on ones hip, a condition common with young mothers.

One test you can do at home to determine if the sacroiliac joint is functioning properly is a posterior straight leg raise test. Laying on your stomach with your head off the bed you should be able to lift both legs straight off the bed one at a time and they should rise to the same height. If there is pain, or one rises higher than the other, it indicates involvement of the sacroiliac joint.

Solutions to sacroiliitis can be as drastic as surgical fusion of the involved SI joint to steroid injections around the area of inflammation. Mobilization of the Sacroiliac segment by providing a chiropractic adjustment into the area will allow the joint to function properly, and has been very effective at treating this problem.

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