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Nutrition Analysis

In addition to maintaining your spinal health, another component of overall wellbeing to consider is nutrition. This oft overlooked part of our lives provides the necessary building blocks to help rebuild the cells of your bodies.

At Austin Lake Chiropractic, we utilize blood work to determine how your body is functioning today. Given that information, we are able to recommend custom tailored nutritional and dietary advice you need to help heal organs and rebuild your body from the inside out.

We also utilize state of the art hair analysis to examine your body for the presence of any heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium, which might interfere with healthful body function. Conditions such as ADD, Alzheimer’s, and other stubborn neurologic conditions have been helped with this protocol of treatment.

If you think about it, does how you feel today give a real indication of your overall health? Do you know of anyone who felt fine only to fall over from a heart attack while walking? Combining the nutritional component with your chiropractic care plan will help you to build healthy functioning cells, and help us to better asses your overall health. Nutritional analysis also allows us to treat any serious conditions in their developmental stages before they become a real problem.

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