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Paresthesia - Numbness, Tingling in the Hands and Feet

Numbness and tingling, or paresthesia, can occur anywhere in the body, but is more common in the extremities due to the vast amount of sensory neurons emanating from the hands and feet and traveling to the brain. These neurons come together to form nerves, which are responsible for carrying not only sensory information to the brain but also efferent impulses from the brain to the muscle of the extremities. If along the path of these nerves interference exists, the nerve may not function properly. This interference can be due to blatantly pinched nerves or to increased production of nociceptive stimuli around the nerve root, which occurs around a misaligned vertebra. The brain interprets this dysfunction as numbness or tingling, even burning type pain.

Because numbness and tingling can be a warning sign of more serious, and in some cases life threatening, injuries it is important a qualified physician evaluate these symptoms, this could include a chiropractor. Should the cause be increased inflammation around nerve roots or subluxation, chiropractic care and an adjustment would be very beneficial at helping to relieve these symptoms.

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