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Neck Pain - Cervicalgia

Woman with neck pain image.Neck pain, or cervicalgia, is a very common condition in our society. It is defined as a pain in the neck. Things that cause cervicalgia are whiplash injuries from an auto accident or other trauma, repetitive work injuries such as talking on the telephone or staring at a computer monitor. These conditions cause the muscles of the neck to become unbalanced, which in turn causes the vertebrae of the cervical spine to become fixated and not move freely. In chiropractic terms this is called a subluxation.

When a cervical subluxation exists, irritation to the nerves of the neck occurs and the brain interprets this as pain. This pain may go away by itself, but that does not mean that the subluxation is corrected. If the pain returns, this is a sign of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Because neck pain can be a warning sign of other more serious conditions it is important that a qualified physician evaluate you before home remedies are applied.

Chiropractic treatment for Cervicalgia would include an adjustment and other adjunctive therapies.

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