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What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustment image.A chiropractic adjustment is a physical solution to a physical problem. The chiropractor physically moves the bone of your spine, increasing mobility to an area of fixation, thus reducing the nociceptive input from the nerves in that part of the spine.

In our office we use a hand held tool called an activator to provide the force to move a bone of your spine back into its proper position. For those whom have had experience with different methods of chiropractic care, I explain it this way:

"There are several different ways to loosen a bolt. You can use your hands, if it is loose enough. You can use a wrench; or you can you an air powered impact wrench. Each method achieves the desired result, which is loosening the bolt. They are just different forms of getting the job done.”

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